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Classic vs Modern: Benefits of SharePoint Intranet  

Organizations encounter different issues as they develop, including employee cooperation, knowledge sharing, document management, employee data storage, and other critical activities. SharePoint Intranet is one of the top solutions, it benefits for helping businesses build up a content and document management process. Microsoft’s SharePoint is a collaborative platform.  

What is SharePoint Intranet?  

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a cloud-based collaboration, document management platform and content management system. Microsoft describes SharePoint as having the ability to construct web pages. It gives the user the ability to store, organize, share, and access information from any device securely. All you need is a web browser. A major reason to choose SharePoint for creating corporate intranets is its versatility and scalability.   

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Classic VS Modern of SharePoint Intranet?  

Modern SharePoint is a newer platform created specifically for SharePoint Online as part of Microsoft 365. Microsoft SharePoint’s modern interface is more engaging, versatile, and performant. Anyone can design stunning, dynamic, mobile-ready sites and pages due to the modern experience. Overall, it is quicker, simpler to use, and mobile-friendly. Microsoft continues to make significant investments in the Modern experience, with all new SharePoint sites set to be Modern by default.  


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The older Classic SharePoint experience is the traditional SharePoint architecture that has served as SharePoint’s backbone for almost two decades. Microsoft is no longer investing in the Classic experience.  

The modern SharePoint Intranet is better in these areas-  

  • Document lists and Libraries  
  • Mobile Experience  
  • Usability  
  • Power Automate  
  • Team Sites  
  • Microsoft 365 Groups Integration  
  • Communication Sites and Publishing Sites etc.    

What is the best way to create a modern SharePoint intranet?  

Consider three basic sorts of space usage when creating a company intranet. People must adapt any intranet to accommodate all three types of cooperation for it to be successful.  

  • Self or individual space  
  • Team collaboration space  
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration space 

Why should you choose SharePoint as your Intranet solution?  

Reason why you choose SharePoint as your Intranet solution:

  1. It’s easy to use. Microsoft SharePoint is designed with ease of use in mind. Even non-technical users will be able to navigate it without difficulty.
  2. It’s scalable. Microsoft SharePoint can easily grow with your company as it expands.
  3. To improve communication and collaboration within an organization, to manage and store documents and data, and to create a central hub for company news and updates.
  4. SharePoint Intranet can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of a business, making it a very flexible solution.
  5. SharePoint is Microsoft-owned, it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft applications such as Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.  

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Here are some benefits and reasons why you should choose your intranet platform carefully.  

  • Adaptability

Microsoft has invested a lot of effort and money in building and improving the SharePoint platform over the last few years. The platform comes with several pre-installed features that can be tweaked to meet your specific company needs and build a digital workspace. Additionally, because SharePoint Online utilizes the benefits of cloud services in conjunction with Microsoft 365, your company can customize SharePoint use to meet your specific needs.    

  • Comprehensive and well-organized

One issue business has with intranets is keeping them structured and simple. SharePoint’s structure uses the following architecture to support all intranet sites organized:  Share information inside a specific team, group, or department with SharePoint Team Sites.  Share information throughout the workplace with SharePoint Communication Sites.  Organize all SharePoint sites into a comprehensive directory with SharePoint Hub Sites.  

  • Document Management System (DMS) has a lot of power:

Companies can use SharePoint to store all their documents and data in one central location. These files are accessible to anybody in the organization who has the necessary user access rights. SharePoint also enables many users to work on the same document simultaneously. The SharePoint Document Management System can assist you in keeping track of all your key documents in one location. Version management capabilities make it simple to keep track of any changes made to a document. Once the employees have completed their work, your company will have a single unified version that includes feedback from all stakeholders. 

  • Low-cost

Those with Microsoft 365 subscriptions have access to SharePoint. If you already use Microsoft 365, you can switch to SharePoint without paying for a separate, more sophisticated Intranet subscription. SharePoint can save your company money on infrastructure and resources compared to an on-premises solution. SharePoint Online is included in the Microsoft 365 plan and is available per-user, per-month basis. There is no need to buy any more licenses.   

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SharePoint Intranet is the greatest solution for your business because of the latest benefits, features and updates, functionality, and strong tools for improving internal communications, employee engagement, and collaborations. SharePoint continues to enhance its platform by raising the bar. Evolvous has over seven years of expertise in SharePoint intranet projects from mapping, page layouts, design elements, etc. Check out our expertise in Intranet implementation, or request case studies.

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