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SharePoint Intranet Roadmap 2024

If you have read our previous blog posts, you are aware that we frequently discuss SharePoint intranet. Today the purpose of this blog is not to define a SharePoint intranet service but a SharePoint intranet roadmap: what is it? What are the steps? Now, that’s a good question! Let’s explore! 

What is SharePoint Intranet?  

The purpose of the intranet is to serve as a private, local network for internal communications within a business. The Microsoft Office 365 subscription includes the intranet system SharePoint. SharePoint offers collaboration tools like document archiving and content management. You might be perplexed by the numerous search results if you search for “SharePoint intranet.” Both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises are available to users. Due to the lack of server installation and deployment requirements, SharePoint Online is a convenient and efficient option.  

SharePoint Intranet - Evolvous

Step-by-step instructions for creating a SharePoint intranet roadmap.  

We will go over the various stages of creating the roadmap in this blog post and the process and products you can anticipate. This is your step-by-step manual for creating a documented intranet strategy or roadmap.  

1st Step- What is your current stage?  

To start, you must ascertain your current stage. This stage’s objective is to gain a thorough understanding of where you are right now. It’s great if you already have an intranet. Let’s examine its method of use. Do not worry if you don’t. You can refer to our other blogs to learn more. But irrespective of that, It’s crucial to pose and respond to these inquiries.  

  1. How is information now distributed? 
  2. Is there a current software implementation, like Office 365 and SharePoint? 
  3. How are documents managed? Do you employ a file-sharing drive or any other tool? 
  4. If your company has several locations, how do employees communicate with one another? 

2nd Step- Let’s evaluate:  

You can begin to evaluate precisely how things are going once you understand the “as is” environment. Start by evaluating the current setup honestly to determine what is and is not working. If you already have an intranet, you should assess how well it serves your employee. You can still learn much from a survey even if your company doesn’t yet have an intranet. Employees are searching for documents or calling in for assistance as they are stored somewhere. In some way, business communications and enquiries are happening. How are things going on?  

To find out what’s resonating with employees, think about creating a brief survey. What features of the intranet do they like? Try to gather enough quantitative information to obtain a summary view. Consider conducting an in-depth interview with a sample of employees to gather qualitative data. If you already have an intranet, ask the employee to demonstrate exactly what functions work well or inadequately from their point of view. Based on this feedback, you’ll be able to identify the problems and the things lacking. The output in this phase includes a list of existing processes, a list of pain points, and a wish list.  

SharePoint intranet Services - Evolvous

3rd Step- Exploring technology options:  

It is necessary now that we are aware of what we want and how to get it. Depending on the platform, there will be trade-offs that require explanation. Together with IT, we will define the security and access requirements and assess how well each platform option complies with them.  

Our strategy in terms of technology is to make the most of the common platforms and technology. For intranet installations, we typically advise choosing a comprehensive SharePoint solution that covers all Intranet-related functions, such as communications, team collaboration, connections, enterprise search, personalization, content management, document management, administration, and other support features.  

4th Step- Budget and resources:  

You can now develop a timeline for implementing at least the first stage of the intranet. Without a doubt, you have already identified the features of prospective steps. The employee experience with the intranet will constantly improve with new features, functionalities, and technologies, so it’s critical to position your intranet as a long-term project. The roadmap will need to be reviewed and possibly updated every few years.  

5th Step- Put everything together:  

The plan must then be reviewed and approved by management to move forward. Evolvous will produce a report outlining the conclusions and suggestions from the roadmap process. The objective is to help the Organization develop a common understanding of the intranet’s vision and implementation strategy.  

These were the initial steps that you took when deciding to choose SharePoint Intranet. You can check our blog on “How to set up SharePoint Intranet for your company” and set it up yourself. 

Why is SharePoint Intranet the Best Choice for Your Organization?  

You would most likely want your intranet to develop into a one-stop company hub for all the information, a direct entrance to the tools and applications, the central hub for knowledge sharing and collaboration techniques, and a fully digital workplace solution. Microsoft SharePoint’s most significant feature includes collaboration. Additionally, you can use it to raise employee morale, productivity, and your company’s bottom line. Office 365 SharePoint intranet provides social features in addition to work features (Project Management, Workflow, Document Management, team, and project collaboration sites, etc). (Blogs, Chats, Newsfeeds, Stack exchange, etc.).  

Let’s go through the 5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is the Best Choice for your Organization-  

SharePoint Intranet roadmap - Evolvous



  1. Office 365 ecosystem- The Office 365 suite includes SharePoint as a core component and has many built-in features and functionalities. Utilizing Power Automate and Power BI, the modern intranet for SharePoint, offers numerous opportunities to enhance internal business processes. Additionally, it provides improved potential integrations with SharePoint Online’s AI and automation features from Microsoft. You can create a fantastic digital workplace experience thanks to the close integration of your intranet and the Office 365 suite of tools.  
  2. Content personalization and targeting- The ability to personalize content is crucial when it comes to the intranet. With a modern intranet, you can target the content by division, location, function, or seniority level; this implies that various customized content can be combined to target particular employees. You can customize your virtual workplace with SharePoint as an intranet and benefit from simple integration with Active directory profiles. Users can subscribe to a variety of topics on the SharePoint intranet.  
  3. Outstanding document management – Gathering, storing, and distributing information and documents are crucial to any organization’s success. Some of the key components of the SharePoint corporate intranet that assist businesses in achieving cutting-edge knowledge management, collaboration, and more are its robust document and library capabilities. The capabilities go far beyond simply documenting the lifecycle. To provide quick access to documents, the SharePoint libraries can be easily integrated into your intranet. Everything is available in one location, including check-in/check-out, version history, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite. You can easily edit and co-author your documents without dealing with the difficulties of email trails.  
  4. Highly scalable and flexible- With various features like content management, collaboration, internal communication, employee engagement, enterprise search, and more, you can quickly create your own distinctive digital workplace solution. Both the business priorities and the SharePoint functionalities change over time. Microsoft invests significantly in SharePoint’s updates and new features to produce a beautifully designed intranet. You don’t need to invest additional time, resources, or money to create your customized intranet solution when using the SharePoint intranet.  
  5. Social and collaborative aspects- SharePoint is no longer just an on-premises, rigid, and static platform. It can be actively used to involve workers and give them a more enjoyable experience with social components. The SharePoint intranet offers personal profiles, interests, job details, team details, etc., but it cannot function as a social media tool. You can use it to find people within the Organization, improve the communication channel, and better understand your audience. Microsoft Teams has also taken over as the company’s premier collaboration tool and evolved into the focal point of the intranet experience.  

How SharePoint Intranet Roadmap Improves the Workplace?  

Businesses of all sizes and industries benefit from the SharePoint intranet portal. Over two decades, it has led the industry in document management and collaboration. The key advantages of the digital workplace are the out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet features like document management, digital asset management, collaboration, enterprise-grade security, enterprise search, project management, and employee engagement features. Microsoft has now migrated SharePoint to Office 365 (SharePoint online), providing a user-friendly and affordable digital workplace solution. Read more about SharePoint Document Management System, Top 7 reasons to use SharePoint as a Document Management System.  

Build your SharePoint Modern Intranet with Evolvous:  

SharePoint intranet is the best option for your business because of its great functionalities, new features, upgrades, and strong internal communication, employee engagement, and collaboration tools. The bar for SharePoint is constantly being raised to improve the platform.  

Evolvous Microsoft Gold Partner

Evolvous enhances your digital workplace in the best way possible by combining best-in-class user experience with Office 365’s advantages. To give your employees the best intranet experience and take care of your business needs, it also integrates well with the most recent updates and improvements to SharePoint. To learn how a SharePoint intranet can assist you in achieving your productivity and business goals, schedule a consultation.


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