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SharePoint Online and your Business

According to Microsoft, there are over 200,000 organizations, 190 million people have SharePoint and over 1 million developers. But is SharePoint online the right solution for your business? 

Any organization who’s looking for a way to manage its documents, collaborate on files and access them from any device, SharePoint Online might be the right solution for their business.  

SharePoint is available in two variants: ‘On Premise’ server product and as a ‘Cloud’ variant known as SharePoint Online. In case of On-Premises variant, it provides direct control over the data and compliance standards whereas, SharePoint Online automatically relies on Microsoft’s industry-specific security standards. Recent studies show that enterprises are gradually shifting towards SharePoint Online be it their first choice or migrating from On-Premises to Cloud. 

There are a couple of reasons why in business existing SharePoint On-Premises users are migrating to SharePoint Online, such as: 

  • Easier to Manage:

SharePoint Online eliminates the requirement of any servers, which means your IT team can focus more on business objectives rather than server maintenance, patches and updates.  

  • Automatic Upgrades:

SharePoint online gives you to benefit of License which brings along automatic upgrades. 

  • Content Migration:

There is no time limit for content migration in SharePoint Online. 

SharePoint is an intelligent intranet. It consists of libraries, lists, web parts and other features that make it easy to store documents, offer context and organize business projects. You can store files including documents, pictures, videos and basically any file type you can think of. There is a list of capabilities that SharePoint can perform for your business. Let’s check them here: 

  • Enterprise content and document management:

    SharePoint’s integration with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office allows collaborative real-time editing. It automatically sync’s your files to your desktop be it – Windows, Mac, or mobile devices so you can work with files offline. You can track the history of all activity on files. Manage and share files or folders—within team sites, intranet sites, and across your organization. Another plus point of Deep integration with Office is that it lets you start co-authoring a document on one device and finish it on the other. Products for file storage and sharing – OneDrive and SharePoint. 

  • Intranet and social network: 

A SharePoint intranet basically act as a meeting room for every person within the organization to visit throughout their working session. You can build cohesion, increase employee engagement, drive organizational efficiency, and bring people, content, and applications together for seamless collaboration across your organization. 

  • Collaborative software: 

SharePoint Online is an excellent collaboration tool for different people working on a similar project and share similar documents. Everyone gets the same version of documents. 

  • Security

It has comprehensive security features, allowing you to configure security at the document level, folder level, site level or library level. 

Before summing up check this table and find out the key differences between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises: 

[table id=2 /]

It is a robust enterprise solution. It suits all sizes of organizations, especially it is a good choice for smaller organizations who are looking for a dynamic collaboration solution which does not require much effort to support it. 


Team at Evolvous Limited are experts at SharePoint consulting. We can assist you to leverage the above capabilities and increase employee productivity and reduce operational costs by building a highly configurable, secure and personalized platform. You can get in touch with us here: Contact-us.


  1. I read a lot of posts but the topic covered in this is the most comprehensive & helpful. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. This is really amazing post.

  2. I read a lot of posts but the topic covered in this is the most comprehensive & helpful. This is really amazing post. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with us.

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