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Microsoft SharePoint Support Services and Maintenance

Are you looking for expert-level SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online Support Services? Look nowhere than Evolvous. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and a consulting company specializing in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) SharePoint Services. If your organization is facing any of these issues:

  • Slow performance
  • Adoption concerns
  • Security concerns
  • Extra charges

It is time to contact SharePoint experts.  SharePoint sustainability will no longer be a concern for your organization. Our SharePoint consultants can help you with regular checkups and make sure your environment is running smoothly. Our methodology covers but is not limited to:

  • SharePoint Assessment.
  • Custom application assessment and code review.
  • Load time analysis.
  • SharePoint security audit.
  • Content analysis and assessment.
  • User experience assessment.

When Do You Need Microsoft 365 SharePoint Support Services & Maintenance?

It is essential for any organization to have a proper knowledge of SharePoint Support services. Many organizations are not satisfied with the level of service they get from their SharePoint teams. It is important to regularly check the health of your SharePoint installation to avoid any future problems.

Our SharePoint Aid Health Checkup Services

  • Security Audits
  • Authentication and networking assessment
  • SQL server assessment
  • Backup and recovery assessment
  • Resolving performance issues
  • Custom code audits
  • Quick customizations
  • Load time analysis
  • Providing dedicated SharePoint administrators
  • Content Assessment
  • Custom application assessment
  • Fixing Integration issues
  • User assessment

Get Customized SharePoint Support and
Maintenance Services

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Debugging code errors

Solving architectural and
hardware issues

Managing authentication
and permission issues

Solving architectural and
hardware issues

Addressing load-time issues

Solving integration

Technical and functional

SharePoint Training Support

  • End-user Training Sessions
  • SharePoint administrator sessions
  • Knowledge management
  • SharePoint Security assist
  • Installing security patches
  • Detecting performance and security gaps

SharePoint Maintenance

  • Microsoft Certified SharePoint experts
  • Detailed Report
  • Tried and Tested Recommendations
  • Flexible pricing
  • Confidentiality

Different Aspects We Focus on With Our SharePoint Support Services

Here are the various aspects of your SharePoint areas we focus on with our SharePoint support services:

Better Infrastructure with SharePoint Support Services - Evolvous

Infrastructure Management

Assessing and managing hardware and software infrastructure to ensure scalability, reliability, and performance.

Get SharePoint Integrated Support Services. Your Trusted Partner for SharePoint Support Services - Evolvous

Integrated Platforms

We ensure that all SharePoint integrations are managed effectively, without causing disruptions to information exchange and maintaining data integrity.

Complete Security. Your Trusted Partner for SharePoint Support Services - Evolvous

Security and Compliance

We offer support to ensure security and compliance issues with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and the likes.

Configuration & Customization. Your Trusted Partner for SharePoint Support Services - Evolvous

Configuration and Customization

We help to review SharePoint configurations, including site structure, permissions, features, and customization to align with the changing organizational needs.

End User Support and Training. Your Trusted Partner for SharePoint Support Services - Evolvous

End-User Support and Training

We offer technical support and training to end-users on SharePoint features and functionalities. We also help troubleshooting issues and facilitate user adoption.

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Emergency SharePoint Services – When You Need it the Most!

Your SharePoint environment might encounter issues which need to be addressed immediately. Our emergency SharePoint services are designed to offer quick and effective resolution to such critical issues so that you can get a high level of performance without any disruptions.

Here are some of the Emergency SharePoint services that we offer:

  • Emergency Troubleshooting –Rapid identification and resolution of SharePoint-related problems.
  • Data Recovery –Retrieval of lost or corrupted data in case of incidents like security breaches or system malfunctions.
  • Performance Optimization –Tuning SharePoint for better performance during emergencies.
  • Security Patching –Applying the latest security patches immediately to prevent identified and future threats.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning –Developing strategies to recover from catastrophic events promptly, ensuring security of your data.
Microsoft SharePoint Support Services in Canada & United States - Evolvous

Get Complete SharePoint Help and Support Services from Evolvous

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The Process We Follow to Deliver SharePoint Support Services

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1. Initial Consultation

• Understanding your SharePoint environment and needs

• Identify current issues

2. Scope Definitions

• Define the scope of the services required

• Mutually agree on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

3. Assessment and Documentation

• Conducting a thorough assessment of your SharePoint environment

• Document the current configuration, workflows, libraries etc.

4. Establish Communication

• Assigning a single Point of Contact (POC) for easy communication

• Establishing the desired channels of communication for issues


5. Issue Reporting and Tracking

• Implement a ticketing system for easy reporting of issues

• Track submission to resolution, ensuring transparency and accountability.

6. Resolution and Escalation

• Providing time resolution of reported issues according to agreed-upon SLAs.

• Escalate unresolved issues to higher levels of support team and/or vendors, as necessary.

Why Choose Evolvous for SharePoint Help and Support?

Here are some of the reasons that make us one of the most preferred partners for SharePoint support services across Canada, the US and around the globe.

Expertise and Experience

We have extensive experience and expertise in SharePoint, including deployment, customization, and support across various industries.

Accurate Understanding of Business Needs

We take the time and effort to understand the unique business requirements and can tailor SharePoint support to meet needs effectively.

Wide Service Offerings

Evolvous offers a wide range of help and support services including emergency support, ongoing maintenance, training, and consulting, perfectly suited to your needs.

Comprehensive Technology

As a certified Microsoft Gold consultant, we have an in-depth knowledge of related technologies like Microsoft 365, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps, Azure, and third-party applications.

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