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Infuse your team with SharePoint expertise with the help of customized SharePoint training programs, crafted by experts.

  • End-user, administrator & developer training
  • Security and Compliance training
  • Governance and Best Practices training
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Why Do You Need Microsoft SharePoint Training?

As a platform, SharePoint has tremendous potential in boosting collaboration and overall work productivity. However, many businesses fail to realize the potential because they cannot adapt to the new technology as quickly and effectively as desired. This is primarily because they lack the knowledge and skill to use the platform in a way that suits their work. This is why your business might need SharePoint training.

At Evolvous, we aim to help your business evolve with purpose and the evolution remains incomplete if you do not impart the right training. That is why we offer comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint training to your team-members, based on their needs, skills, and aptitude, so that they can confidently use the system.


of companies think inadequate training is the main reason for unsuccessful SharePoint adoption, leading to lower ROI.

We offer professional SharePoint training in in Canada (Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Edmonton, Ottawa, Mississauga) & United States (San Fransisco, Texas, Washington, New York, Chicago, Denver). Contact us to find out more.

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Get Customized SharePoint Training, Crafted for Your Needs

Your team is diverse. People have different skills, roles, and aptitudes. So, no single training plan will cater to all their needs. That is why at Evolvous, we take a different approach. We customize our Microsoft SharePoint training programs to meet your diverse needs.

The primary focus is on adoption

To maximize ROI, you need to make sure that your team adapts quickly and effectively to your SharePoint environment. Whether you are deploying a new SharePoint environment or want to arm your new hires with the necessary expertise, then our SharePoint training experience will be the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Learn all the basics of SharePoint, document management, intranet, and more.
  • Know about the best practices and strategies to improve SharePoint productivity.
  • Discover more about data security, compliance settings, user permissions etc.
  • Create SharePoint lists and libraries, sites and edit metadata, increasing searchability.
  • Automate typical workflows like approvals, sending notifications and others.
  • Work with integrated solutions like SharePoint within Teams, Power BI, and others.

Contact Evolvous today and discover how a Microsoft Gold consultant can channelize its expertise and experience in helping your team understand the basic and advanced concepts of SharePoint and use the platform in a smarter and more productive way at their workplace.

How Do We Deliver Microsoft SharePoint Training?

When it comes to SharePoint training, we adapt to different delivery strategies, based on several factors.

Get comprehensive video covering all the basic aspects and processes of managing SharePoint

Schedule live session with our experts and gets custom training that meets your preferences.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Training Methodology- The R.I.G.H.T Way

When it comes to SharePoint training, we adapt to different delivery strategies, based on several factors, client preferences being key.
Whether you need a comprehensive video covering all the basic aspects and processes of managing SharePoint, or a live session with
our experts – we can deliver the training in a way that meets your preferences.

Relevance - Evolvous

Focusing on topics and features relevant to the user’s role.

Interactivity - Evolvous

Using interactive training methods to engage and encourage.

Graduality - Evolvous

Adapting a gradual approach, to build expertise over time.

Holistic - Evolvous

Providing holistic training experience, covering all key aspects.

Tailored Solution - Evolvous

Customizing programs according to the user’s abilities & preferences.

Your Training, Your Way

At Evolvous, we deliver comprehensive SharePoint training, delivered through various modes and channels. Apart from getting personal guidance from our experts, you will also get personalized documentation that can be referred to by you and your team anytime you want. We offer Microsoft SharePoint training in the following modes

Videos - Evolvous


We can create engaging videos that lucidly explain all the aspects of SharePoint, or key areas that you want to focus on.

User Guide - Evolvous

User Guides

Get text documents that give you a structured overview of SharePoint. They can also cover the best practices and troubleshooting tips, as required.

Presentations - Evolvous


They are a quick way to learn and review concepts, including processes and configurations, that help you get the most out of the system.

Online sessions - Evolvous

Online Sessions

We can arrange webinars and online one-on-one sessions with your teams and/or individual employees that train them on specific topics or solve the issues faced by them.

On Site Training - Evolvous

On-Site Training

Need a more personal and interactive approach? Our team of expert SharePoint trainers can visit your offices and offer hands-on training.

Why Choose Evolvous for Microsoft SharePoint Training?

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft Gold partner and one of the trusted names in SharePoint innovation in Canada. Thanks to our experience serving a diverse clientele, we are aware of the challenges faced by organizations at various levels when adapting to SharePoint.

This positions us as a SharePoint training consultant who is aware of the needs, and capable of delivering training that meets the needs. We have a team of industry-acclaimed trainers, with years of experience in technical training.

Our Advantages for SharePoint Training

Learning through hands-on sessions, real-world scenarios, and use-cases.

Pre- and post-training assessment for better results.

Knowing about the latest AI and security updates to SharePoint.

Understanding compliance settings, automation, and other practical skills.

Precise training modules that explain only the things the user needs to know.

The Different Types of SharePoint Training

Increased Productivity, with SharePoint Online Training - Evolvous

SharePoint Online Training

Learn about SharePoint Online – the cloud version of SharePoint, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Discover how to create sites, document libraries, lists, automate workflows and more. You and your team will also be instructed on the best practices and basic troubleshooting.

Enhanced Decision Making with SharePoint On-Premises - Evolvous

SharePoint On-Premises

The demands of SharePoint server are different than the online version. We able you understand the key differences and use the system to the best of its abilities. Learn how to configure security and compliance settings, user roles and access controls in server and hybrid environments.

End-User Training

End-User Training

Get personalized Microsoft SharePoint training programs for the end-user. Whether they are from the HR, Sales, Marketing, or IT support team, we will offer training that suits their skills, aptitude and user roles and responsibilities. Educate them on topics they need to know.

SharePoint Admin Training

SharePoint Admin Training

Educate and train your SharePoint administrators so that they can efficiently manage, monitor and maintain the performance of the SharePoint environment. Stay on top of security settings, compliance settings, and the latest updates that help your admin team to optimize productivity.

Discover the True Potential of Your SharePoint Platform with Customized Training, Guided by Experts

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