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Staffing Tips for Your Small Business - Evolvous

Staffing Tips for Your Small Business 

Your business is as good as the team running it. So, if you are a small business in Calgary with ambitious plans, then you would need to build a team that is capable of working together towards those goals. This is easier said than done. As a small business, you have to face a host of different challenges. Limited resources being just one of them. However, just by following a few simple staffing tips for Calgary, you can get the right people on board, without spending much of your available resources. 

Before we explore the various strategies that you can adopt for your small business, let us know about the various challenges that you will face when you are looking to hire staff for your small business. 

The Challenges in Staffing

One of the biggest restraints for a small business is their limited resources. Here are some of the biggest challenges that you can face as a small business: 

Budgetary Constraints: Small businesses often don’t have the necessary finances to recruit a multiple people for the same role. Often, you need to hire people who are experienced and capable enough to handle multiple roles on their own. 

Not Having a Dedicated HR Department: There are many small businesses which don’t have a dedicated Human Resources department. In some cases, they might have a department with just a few personnel. This makes it difficult to launch an extensive recruitment campaign and search from a large number of candidates. 

Limited Employee Benefits: Small businesses are often unable to provide extensive employee benefits like insurance, retirement benefits, health cover and the likes. This makes the job less attractive to the desired candidates.  

These are some of the biggest challenges that your business might face. An effective staffing strategy would help you overcome all the challenges and help you build a strong team for your business. 

Staffing Tips that You Should Follow for Your Small Business 

  • Focus on Short Term Requirements

Even if your business is growing at a rapid pace, you would find it more beneficial to think about the short-term requirements over the long-term goals. This way you would be able to determine which positions need to be filled up on priority basis to ensure that your immediate goals are met. 

  • Put Emphasis on Customer Service 

Some small businesses often have this dilemma – should they get more people on sales team or recruit more for their operations. In today’s competitive world, the focus should always be on delivering a better service to the customer. So, if you need to decide among the roles for which you should hire first, then you should hire for the role that allows you to deliver better customer service as that would be instrumental in sustaining growth in the short term as well as long term. 

  • Consider Social Recruitment

Recruiting through social media channels, like the Facebook or LinkedIn page of your company, it one of the most preferred choices for recruiting for small businesses. There are many reasons behind it. 

First, it is cost-effective. You can post for a job on your social media channels for free. Once you post an ad, you instantly reach out to ideal connections through your network and get the right person for the job. However, apart from helping you find the right person for the job, it would also gain traction on social media, gain a higher following and build a brand for your business on social media. 

  • Hire a Professional Staffing Consultant 

Last but not the least, it is important that you get the help from a professional staffing consultant. One of the biggest advantages is that you they have their own system and procedures in place which facilitate recruitment. They would help you determine the roles for which you would need to recruit, manage the process of recruitment, and also plan the staffing requirements for the long term. This would help you reduce the costs and ensure that you get the right people. 

At Evolvous, we offer complete Staffing solutions to small businesses as well as large corporations and help them build a team capable of achieving your goals. Speak to our consultant today and discover how our expertise can help you grow. 

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