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The Advantages of Using Power BI Desktop for the Construction Industry Project - Evolvous

The Advantages of Using Power BI for the Construction Industry Project 

The construction industry is a competitive industry and effective data management is key to success in such an ever-evolving environment. Now, you might be generating a lot of data daily when operating and managing a construction worksite. But the question is how do you manage it so that you can draw useful insights from it and make better decisions? This is where Power BI Desktop comes to your rescue. This amazing Business Intelligence platform allows you to connect, track, and share large volumes of data which makes it easy to manage data minimizing time and cost overruns, and make project execution more efficient. In this blog we will see how Microsoft Power Bi can help for the Construction Industry Project.

The Challenges of Data Management in Construction Industry Project 

The construction industry faces the following issues, which can often be traced back to having improper data management infrastructure. 

  1. Project reporting that doesn’t contribute to enhancing productivity. 
  2. Managing data silos 
  3. Unorganized data sets 
  4. Managing data from paper-based processes and reporting 
  5. Low system compatibility 
  6. Inability to mitigate onsite construction risks. 

When you proceed with Power BI Desktop Download, you unlock the possibility of solving all these issues. By using the Power BI app, you can monitor project progress, manage construction schedules and plan logistics more efficiently. This helps to leverage growth opportunities, better utilization of budgets, enhance productivity, reduce risks, and even make more competitive bids. 

What is Power BI? 

The Power BI platform is a business intelligence application from Microsoft. It helps you to analyze data from various sources. When you download Power BI, you can prepare reports and visualize data in real-time with the help of custom dashboards. 

At this point, it is important to understand the difference between Power BI Desktop and Power BI as a service. You can download Power BI Desktop for free, however Power BI as a service is a paid one.  

Power BI also offers you a mobile application. The Power BI app helps you to manage and visualize data on the go. The platform also comes with analytical capabilities that can be embedded into custom web applications. This allows for seamless integration with other Microsoft Enterprise products like SharePoint and Power Platform 

Things You Need to Use Power BI Construction Industry Project

You would need the following prerequisite to use the Power BI platform. 

  1. A Power BI account 
  2. Power BI Desktop application 
  3. Knowledge of using the platform 
  4. Access to relevant data sets  
  5. Knowledge of database management. 

You can download Power BI Desktop and proceed with the initial setup with relative ease. However, to use the platform to its fullest potential, you would need knowledge of the intricacies of database management as well as coding. It is recommended that you speak to our expert Power BI consultants to create a customized platform for your business. To know more about our Power BI consulting services, click here. 

The Advantages of Using Power BI for the Construction Project 

Let us take a quick look at some of the key advantages of using Power BI solutions for your construction project. 

  • Improve Job Site Process to Enhance Productivity 

By helping you to streamline data from job site, Power BI will help you optimize workflows, reduce the costs, identify tasks that can be automated and do a whole lot more. Collectively, this helps to reduce the costs and ensure better time management. 

  • Make Stronger Bids 

You can customize your Power BI platform to monitor costs more accurately, and change orders, equipment and material requirements based on the performance in previous projects. You can also generate accurate project forecasts, enabling you to put forward a fully optimized bid which will have a better chance of getting the project. 

  • Identify Actionable Areas 

When you are managing simultaneous projects in different geographic locations across the country or even the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the data emanating from different sources. This often prevents you from identifying actionable areas which might lead to further optimization of the project.  

For example, you might find that among all stages of the construction process, a specific process is taking much time and resources. Under normal circumstances, you might have the data in form of reports, but unless you have instant access and visualize the data, it is difficult to draw such useful insights. Power BI Desktop helps you identify actionable areas that helps you to further optimize your project. 

  • Avoiding Project Delays 

Project delays are every manager’s nightmare. However, most of the time they can be avoided. Power BI Desktop does just that. By helping you identify the areas that are at risk of dragging your project to possible delays. 

For example, Power BI helps you to track the time taken to complete specific tasks. It can even give you a breakdown of the time taken to complete subtasks. This might be available to you in form of reports, but by helping you visualize the data, you are able to easily identify the areas which is being the major driver behind possible delays. Power BI might detect that you are spending a lot of waiting for materials or for equipment downtime. By helping you identify the right problem areas, it gives you the opportunity to address them at the right time to avoid delays. 

  • Reduce Project Costs 

Another significant advantage of using Power BI app is that it helps to reduce the costs of running projects. 

For example, Power BI can give you a breakdown of the areas where your budget is being spent, and that too in real time. If you are spending too much on hiring equipment, then not only would it inform you about that, but it would also give you insights into how to optimize the use of rental equipment so to reduce the rental period and saving you the time. 

Get Customized Business Intelligence Solutions from Evolvous for Construction Industry Project

To utilize the benefits of Power BI desktop, it is recommended to get the help from professional consultants. A consultant will not only help you develop and deploy unique solutions that are perfectly suited to your business needs, but they also help you integrate Power BI with other existing Microsoft Enterprise products that you might be using. 

At Evolvous, we have a track record of helping clients in the construction industry in Canada, The US, The UK, Europe and other regions across the world. Our solutions have successfully helped them to cut costs, reduce time and avoid delays and boost the overall efficiency in your construction project. 

Contact us today to enhance project management for your construction business today! 

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