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The Benefits of Using Cortana to Manage Your Calendar

Chances are you’re using one virtual assistant or another, and there are a lot of them at this point – Google for Android, Amazon Alexa, iOS’ Siri, not to mention some other third-party ones you can get for your phone or computer, or more niche ones for specific tasks like letting you know when your food’s about to go bad. You’ve likely heard of Microsoft’s Cortana as well. But, between Windows phones no longer being manufactured and the recent news that Cortana will be removed from Android soon, you’ve most likely never given thought to whether you should be using Cortana as your everyday virtual assistant instead of any of the many others. There are a lot of advantages, though, to making the switch. And we want to share some with you, in one avenue in particular – managing your busy calendar.

You might be thinking that all virtual assistants are basically the same, and that’s only kind of true. Yes, every virtual assistant can sync to almost any calendar app and make an event on a calendar for you. But I’m willing to bet that Siri or Google don’t check the traffic to let you know you might be late for your next big meeting. Cortana does. Once the location is set as a favorite in your maps, whenever you have a meeting, Cortana will let you know when you should depart to make sure you’re right on time.

This is just one of the things that makes Cortana a truly personal assistant. That, plus the fact that it doesn’t just sync to Microsoft’s Outlook calendar. It works with Google’s calendar and any others, as well as with any email system, making it the perfect fit for anyone. That also means that, as the virtual assistant continues to evolve, it will make sure that it continues to meet the evolving needs of anyone using it. For instance, its ability to look at traffic to make sure you don’t miss meetings may also include the weather in the future. It may even be able to provide recommendations based on your favorite or most frequent locations.

It also does a lot of other interesting contextual reminders. Let’s say, for instance, that you’re headed to a particular place with your laptop to get some work done, but you want to remember to do or buy something when you get there. With Cortana, you can set reminders with that sort of specificity, and trust that they’ll work. You can still set reminders for specific times, just like most other virtual assistants, but you can even set reminders for when you get a call from a specific person.

What makes things better is that you’re likely to have Cortana on your laptop or desktop ready and waiting, if you’re running Windows. Every single Windows laptop not only comes with Cortana set up to use, but it actually guides you through the setup process and encourages you to use it. Which means that, if you sync your devices together, you are also setting yourself up to view and change your schedule from whatever device you might be using. You can schedule that next business lunch on your phone on your way to the office, then pull up your office laptop and Cortana will have the same information waiting for you to look at. There’s no other virtual assistant right now that gives you that kind of seamless access to your calendar (or anything, probably).

If you’re using Mac, it’ll be a little harder to get the same all-around compatibility, but there are ways. And, just as importantly, there’s no way to get Siri to work across different brands of devices the way that you can get Cortana too, which still makes it the most convenient virtual assistant.

So, if you’re looking to switch to a new virtual assistant to keep your busy schedule in order, I know just the one to try. And if you’re not…perhaps you should be. With Cortana, you can make sure that you have access to the same schedule no matter where you are and what device you’re using, never be late for an important appointment again, and create a convenient personal ecosystem for all your calendar information. Why wouldn’t you switch?

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