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The Future of The Cloud

The Cloud has changed the way we consume services, work and live. It was once a dream for businesses to be able to provide their services or goods anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Now, it’s the standard. We’ve gone from using fax machines to send documents to emailing them at lightning speed.

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing technological advancements in recent history. The cloud has transformed the way we do business, connect to each other, consume entertainment and access information. As a result, it’s no surprise that there are new ways to build applications for the cloud every day.

Automated Productivity

We already know that automation is transforming once labor-intensive factory jobs, but what about a world where jobs like data entry also experience a technological revolution? 

The rapid advancement of cloud computing and artificial intelligence may mean that tasks we’ve traditionally thought of as requiring a human touch, like payroll and data entry, could be almost entirely automated. Of course, we’ll always need human eyes and hands to oversee and correct tasks like these to make sure that every decimal point is in their right place. But automation may mean opportunities for greater productivity, space for more workplace creativity, and even for companies to offer more flexibility to those who perform these tasks manually. More staff holidays or remote days, with the knowledge that the work will still always get done, will also ensure that the humans behind the computer are less likely to make mistakes or express dissatisfaction with their jobs, and may even help innovate around the office to make things even more efficient. 

A Future Remote Service Industry

We already live in a world where an IT technician can remotely troubleshoot your PC from thousands of miles away, with just a few clicks. But what about a world where someone can repair or analyze almost anything without ever stepping foot in your house – your TV, your phone, your fridge, even your car. 

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. With so many things becoming ‘smart’ these days through internet connectivity, it’s not going to be long until remote repair access will become standard ways to assess problems and deliver solutions to customers. Folks who drive a Tesla, for instance, already benefit from over-the-air software updates and remote diagnostics that can identify customer issues, sometimes before the car’s owners can, and tell them exactly what they need to fix it. As more technology gets smarter, access to diagnostic tools like those will become easier. 

It may also mean greater opportunities for those in the service industry to expand their clientele internationally. Whether you’re an IT guy, an auto mechanic or work in appliance repair, there’s nowhere you can’t reach, once you have an internet connection and the ability to assess the problem and show customers the solution they need. And, just like that, you’re an internationally coveted technician, right from the comfort of your own home. What a future!

Completely Virtual Computers

Imagine being able to run programs and systems far beyond your office computer’s actual specifications, entirely though your internet connection.  

And the technology already exists. Programs like George Mason University’s Virtual Computing Lab gives their students and staff the opportunity to use software through their internet connection, and upcoming gaming platforms like Google Stadia will let people play popular video game titles without having a gaming PC or console…and without even downloading the game. As the technology expands, it’s not unfathomable that companies could set up entire batches of office PCs on a network with all their necessary applications, with nothing more than monitors and the bare minimum in PC hardware. It would save thousands in parts and upgrades, and also make remote work even more interconnected.  

There are lots of other ways that such systems can be helpful or even vital for some teams and companies, but if these three reasons sound like the solutions that you’ve been looking for forever, then this should be enough for you to think about it for your organization. If you’re not quite sold just yet, don’t worry, because there’s a lot more about solutions like these that we can share with you, and we can talk about this stuff all day, so stay tuned or Contact us .

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