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The Next Stage in Our Evolution – Reinventing Our Identity 

“Progress is impossible without change” 

  • George Bernard Shaw 

The technology landscape has evolved over the years, and 2024 promises to be another year where technology opens new opportunities. At Evolvous, we always keep pace with the changing times, allowing us to innovate and deliver relevant solutions. The massive change in technology required us to change our approach and we felt the perfect way to communicate the change would be through a rebranding. So, we did just that! 

In the first half of 2024, we rebranded. But it is more than changing our visual identity, it is taking the next step in our evolution. 

On Our Journey So Far 

Evolvous started its journey more than a decade ago, with a singular commitment – to help the business community solve their critical operational challenges with innovative use of technology. With that passion, we started to assemble a team of highly experienced and equally passionate professionals. We earned Microsoft Gold certification and the trust of some of the leading businesses across various industries and geographies. 

Milestones Achieved 

  • More than 100 satisfied clients from different industry verticals. 
  • Over 200 projects completed successfully. 
  • Clients from more than 15 countries. 
  • 40% of clients are gained through referrals. 
  • 95% client retention rate. 

As we look towards the next stage of our evolution, we retain the same passion and innovation that has defined our success in this decade. As a team, we are simply instilling a new vigor into our commitment to excellence. 

Why Now? 

The past couple of years have seen transformational changes in the way business is being done. First, there was the pandemic, which radically changed the way businesses and their teams work. These trends in the workplace have made a significant impact on how organizations ensure productivity and efficiency. 

Next, there was the emergence of the AI revolution. The rapid rise of AI tools and their adoption across industries is unprecedented. Every aspect of business operations and even our everyday life has been impacted with AI. 

These changes needed something more than just adapting to modern technology. To ensure that our solutions continue to drive growth for our clients, we needed to change our approach, our philosophy, our ethos. 

The time was ripe to evolve, to take the next step. So, we did that. But evolution is not just for the sake of it, we evolved with purpose.  

Our New Motto, Our New Commitment  

Our New Motto: 

‘Evolve with Purpose’ 

Our new motto perfectly describes our new approach. We have evolved with a purpose – to help our clients grow. At the same time, we want our clients to evolve with purpose as well. 

As modern technology emerges, markets change, and businesses try their best to evolve with the new technology. 

But what purpose does this evolution serve? 

Does it make your organization more efficient, more productive? Does it help you make the most of the emerging opportunities? What impact does it have on the top and bottom lines? 

Adapting to the latest technology and processes, without any clear goal is often the biggest barrier to growth. We have seen businesses adapting to AI and other tools, without being able to realize their full potential. 

So, as a part of this change, we are committed to helping our clients evolve with purpose, with technology being the main driver of evolution. 

We will help our clients bring forward complete evolution, having a truly transformative change. That is why we are not limiting our support to technology adoption, but also imparting comprehensive training and change management services to truly ‘upgrade’ themselves. 

Our New Logo – The Perfect Depiction of the Change 

Here is our new logo: 


The logo is as meaningful as the change that we look forward to bringing to your organization. Let us take a deeper look at the individual elements of the logo. 

The Hexagon – Connecting the Pillars of a ‘Right’ Solution 

The hexagon forms the background of our new logo. The six vertices of the hexagon signify the six pillars of our solutions. 

  • Technology 
  • Innovation 
  • Goal setting 
  • Planning 
  • Execution 
  • Training & Support 

Just like the six vertices of a hexagon are connected by lines to form a coherent, meaningful shape, we aim to connect these six pillars to deliver a truly meaningful solution for our clients. Things start with clear goal setting, planning, and executing a strategy that is based on the innovative use of the right technology. After the solution is implemented, complete training and support is provided for better adoption. This approach will surely ensure success for our clients. 

The Lemniscate – Depicting Infinite Possibilities 

At the core of the logo, you will find the lemniscate, which is often used as the symbol for infinity. This symbol depicts the infinite possibilities we hope to explore with our clients. 

Technologies like Document Management Systems (DMS), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAPs), next generation business analytics, cloud ERP and CRM and artificial intelligence can open a world of opportunities for your business. From helping you improve collaboration, managing resources to boosting performance and building stronger relationships with customers, they can have a significant impact, when implemented the right way. 

We aim to help you discover the right way to use technology so that you can explore the opportunities that will take your business to new heights. 

‘E’ for Evolvous, ‘E’ for Empowerment 

One half of the lemniscate forms the letter ‘E’. 

The letter ‘E’ is not only a reference to Evolvous, but it also means ‘Empowerment’. 

We not only deliver the right solutions, but also empower our clients in the true sense. This allows them to take the right decisions, capitalize on the right opportunities and execute the right actions. 

As a part of this endeavor, we offer complete training and support to our clients, so that they are confident in using the technology and drive growth in the short and long term. 

Breaking Boundaries by Thinking Outside of the Box 

You will find that the hexagon is not a closed one but being open around the lemniscate. 

This signifies our attitude to always think outside the box, outside of the established notions of what is possible. 

At Evolvous, we have always challenged the status quo, and we will continue to do that. 

Our clients desire a competitive edge, and we can deliver that only when we break the boundaries of the ordinary and offer them a solution that is unique. Our creative and tailor-made solutions have always been beneficial to our clients. We are just looking to raise the bar now! 

It is not a Visual Change, but an Organizational One 

As said before, we are not rebranding for the sake of it, we are reinventing ourselves. 

The rebranding is just a part of the change that we have brought forward. Here are some of the other changes: 

Newer Services: We are expanding our bouquet of services to include cybersecurity, AI, and ML solutions as well as training and change management which will bring a holistic evolution of the organization. 

Transforming Teams: We are also transforming our teams to ensure that clients’ needs are met more effectively. Our first responders are now better equipped to promptly address customer queries. We have also adopted newer and better processes that will further reduce our TAT for even the most complex tasks. 

Evolvous has been fortunate to get the support of our clients and partners in all our endeavors. We hope to make you a significant part in our next stage of evolution. 

We are Evolvous. Let us evolve with purpose.


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