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Stages of Building SharePoint Intranet Ecosystem - Evolvous

The Three Stages of Building Your SharePoint Intranet Ecosystem 

Building a SharePoint intranet ecosystem allows you to improve collaboration and thereby helps you to increase productivity levels at your organization. With separate intranet sites for individual teams, you can enhance communication and data accessibility within a particular team and between teams. Here are the three key stages involved in developing SharePoint intranet ecosystem for your organization. 

SharePoint Intranet Ecosystem Stage 1: Planning & Design 

The success of your intranet system depends on how well you plan for it. Here are main steps that you need to carry out during this stage: 

  1. Identify Objectives: Set clear goals and objectives for what you want to accomplish by building a SharePoint intranet.  
  2. Information Architecture: Plan for the structure and the organization of the intranet by defining site collections, sites, and subsites. Consider hierarchy, navigation, content organizations that suit the needs of your organization. 
  3. User Experience Design: Design the wireframe for user interface, page layouts and navigation to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Consider customizing the experience with your branding as well as user permissions and personalized dashboards. 
  4. Develop Governance Policies: You need to clearly set governance policies and guidelines to ensure proper usage, content management and security. Work towards defining roles and responsibilities, content publishing processes and version control implementation. 

How Does Evolvous Help with the Planning? 

Having an experienced SharePoint consultant with you at the planning stage will facilitate the planning process. You would be aware of the realities of using SharePoint, including its best practices and challenges. This would allow you to plan in a better way. 

Evolvous is a Microsoft Gold certified consultant in Canada, offering SharePoint solutions to some of the leading global brands across different industries. Know more about Evolvous. 

Our team of experts can handle the entire planning process, reducing your stress and delivering better results. We would have a detailed discussion with all the stakeholders to understand requirements perfectly and then plan for SharePoint intranet development accordingly.  

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SharePoint Intranet Ecosystem Stage 2: Implementation and Configuration 

Now that you have a clear path set out, the next stage is setting up the intranet. You should ensure that you have the required technical expertise at your disposal, as errors in this stage might result in the misuse of data and prevent you from realizing the full potential of your SharePoint intranet ecosystem. 

  1. Setting Up the Infrastructure: Set up the SharePoint infrastructure, including servers, databases, and network configuration. Keep in mind factors like the need for scalability, desired performance levels and security. 
  2. Site Creation and Configuration: Next, you need to work on creating site collections, sites and subsites based on your planned information architecture. An important part of this step is to configure the site settings, security permissions, document libraries, web parts and lists to suit your organizational needs. 
  3. Customization and Branding: Apply elements of your brand like logos, colors, and theme to your intranet sites. You can take the help of a Microsoft certified consultant to customize your intranet even further. Read More: Discover how Evolvous helped Unilever enhance productivity with custom Intranet development. Click here to know the full story.
  4. Integration and Migration: You can integrate SharePoint with other systems or applications, like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, or third-party tools. You can also migrate your existing data to your SharePoint database. 

At Evolvous, we offer efficient and hassle-free solutions for SharePoint migration. You can visit our SharePoint migration services page to know more about our services. 

SharePoint Intranet Ecosystem Stage 3: Training and Adoption 

Now, when your SharePoint ecosystem is up and running, you would need to educate your team members about its benefits and the best ways to utilize them. This is why training and adoption is an important part of building an effective SharePoint Ecosystem. 

  1. User Training – You need to provide training and support to your employees to make sure that they understand how to effectively use the SharePoint intranet. You can create user guides, policy documents and even video tutorials to educate users on navigation, content creation, collaboration features and search functionalities. 
  2. Change Management – Adopting a new system to carry out critical business functions can cause apprehension. To get around this, you need to clearly communicate the benefits of using SharePoint intranet, address user concerns, and encourage participation. You should also set up a system to collect feedback and optimize the system and processes accordingly. 
  3. On-Going Maintenance and Support – You need to constantly monitor the system performance and optimize it as and when necessary. Review and update the content, ensure that the security and compliance measures are in place and provide helpdesk support. 

How Does Evolvous Help with SharePoint Training 

Thanks to having worked with different industries over the years, we are aware of the issues that employees from different backgrounds might face while adopting to SharePoint intranet. That’s why we help you develop training modules that are easily understandable even to users who are completely unfamiliar with SharePoint. This helps us to ensure that your team will be well equipped to make the most of the SharePoint intranet ecosystem. 

Our team also provides comprehensive and timely support, that allows us to detect, assess and address any issues within a short span of time. We constantly review the system and add new features as soon as they are released. 

These are some of the advantages that you get when you work with the leading Microsoft Gold Certified SharePoint consultant in Calgary Canada. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your training needs. 

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