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Benefits of using an Intranet in the Workplace

It’s funny how, even with how much technology has advanced over the years, many people don’t know what an intranet benefits is, much less how it could transform their lives for the better. To simplify a little, an intranet is a private network within an organization, where staff can save and collaborate on documents, communicate with other staff members and more. Of course, we could probably go deeper into definitions, but if you’re trying to figure out whether an intranet would work for you and your organization, it would be much better for us to just show you a few simple ways that it could.

Here are top 3 Benefits of using an Intranet in the Workplace:

  1. Intranet-It Makes Collaboration Faster and Easier
  2. Intranet Also Facilitates Better Inter-Department Communication
  3. Remote Work Isn’t Just Easy, It’s Seamless
  • Intranet-It Makes Collaboration Faster and Easier

Working on huge projects with many moving parts is always a pain. With an intranet system in place, though, each member of a large team can add their own two cents to that big project, while others are working on other aspects, or let folks know exactly when the file they’re waiting on is ready so they can finish it off.

This ultimately builds on your company’s productivity, letting staff members move on to the next project instead of spending precious time double- and triple-checking whether other people in the office checked the file in their email, or scouring through multiple different files just to make one collaborative document.

If you’re working on a brand-new poster or design, you can do your bit, put it in a shared folder for the rest of your team to find, and pick it back up after everyone’s done their share. This could be a lifesaver, especially for time-sensitive project work like last-minute reports. But it also could open up more time for you and your organization – that time you save from never having to check multiple email threads for the correct document could be spent brainstorming on other ways to make your current project pop, or work on another project while you wait for your teammates to finish working on your first one.

  • Intranet Also Facilitates Better Inter-Department Communication

It’s one thing to make collaboration on department projects easier, but it’s another thing entirely for different departments to share information and ideas at the literal click of a mouse.

Your team having shared access to important documents, all in the cloud, means that you don’t have to make your way into someone else’s office just to ask a simple question or get one piece of key information. If you know where to look, you just pull up what you need and get right back to work. No more hour-long meetings just to take note of something that already exists in a file somewhere, and no more dozens of email threads just to find one important file (you can tell we have an issue against cluttered inboxes). And, because it’s all right where everyone has access to it, other departments can not only take a look at whatever they need, but share any thoughts or concerns they have, or direct other staff members’ attention to info they might find valuable.

That ease of information access is critical for organizations who want to get it right the first time. As the adage goes, you want to measure twice and cut once. And you shouldn’t have to have to run around your entire office looking for your proverbial measuring tape when you can have all your tools in one place, ready at a moment’s notice.

  • Remote Work Isn’t Just Easy, It’s Seamless

Letting your teamwork out of the office when the office can be anywhere, they are. Using an intranet allows your company to explore the possibility of your employees working remotely at home or anywhere else in the world, or even forgoing an office entirely in favor of all your team members working online and submitting their work in real-time.

This is especially important depending on the kind of work that you and your team of employees do. If you’re a budding non-profit or community-based organization that is responding to social issues that sometimes come up in real-time, you probably can’t afford to wait until multiple people come into the office. Or maybe you’re an online newspaper startup that wants to share breaking news in real-time, with a team of mobile reporters with the freedom to follow the story wherever it leads.

These kinds of jobs that have to respond to sudden circumstances with immediacy benefit the most from intranet systems. But that doesn’t mean that other organizations that prioritize being able to act fast won’t find value in letting folks work wherever they are.

There are lots of other ways that intranet systems can be helpful or even vital for some teams and companies, but if these three reasons sound like the solutions that you’ve been looking for forever, then this should be enough for you to think about it for your organization.



An intranet is a private network that is used exclusively by employees of a company. It used to share information, communicate, and collaborate. This article looked at the top three benefits of using an intranet in the workplace. If you would like to learn more about how an intranet can benefit your business, contact us.

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