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top 7 reason to use SharePoint as a document management system - Evolvous

Top 7 reasons to use SharePoint as a Document Management System

Using SharePoint as a document management system. First, we should understand what DMS is; it’s an automated software solution for organizing, protecting, capturing, digitizing, labelling, approving, and performing activities with your corporate data. Even though most Document Management system store document/data on the cloud, a DMS is much more than that.  

Without DMS, the company faces several challenges like managing burdensome paperwork, security of important documents, storage for complex papers, keeping track of any documents, searchability of documents type from the document storage, to name a few. Therefore, Document Management System is the solution to these problems, and it will help a company work in a more manageable form.   

Accessible tool for DMS

Now let’s talk about the most accessible tool for DMS; the answer has to be SharePoint Online. Microsoft’s Document Management tool, which helps the business organize essential documents, teams, and workflow.  

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If you plan to move to Online Document Management SharePoint Software, you should know that more than 190 million people have access to SharePoint Online. You can also store files and create and edit your documents templates using this tool and collaborate with multiple team members. It empowers you to update files’ metadata, enabling a quick search. This feature helps you find the files with nearly the same name by just typing some words of that particular document written in metadata. The good news about this software is that you can access and use it using your mobile phone by downloading the SharePoint online mobile app. You can get the subscription by paying $5 per month only.  

Can SharePoint be used as a Document Management System?

Document management is a critical part of any business, and SharePoint is a tool that can be used to manage documents effectively. SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform that enables users to share and managed documents securely. It can be used to store, track, and version documents, and it offers a variety of features that make it an ideal tool for document management.

SharePoint can be used as a standalone document management system, or it can be integrated with other document management systems. It is a flexible tool that can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. If you are looking for a document management system for your business, SharePoint is a great option to consider.

Let’s understand the top reason to choose SharePoint as a Document Management System  

  • Built-in multi-purpose functionality:

With storing, organizing, and locating documents, SharePoint has many benefits. It is very flexible, and SharePoint online helps a company share information, task scheduling, contacts and much more. High authority can give access to documents to the user according to their need and their level. By this company can manage the access of data according to the hierarchy of users. Beyond this, the software has functions for document sharing, file management, social networking, business information, and everything else involved in your businesses day-to-day.  

Top 7 reasons to use SharePoint as a Document Management System - Evolvous

  • Simple to Operate and Cost-Effective:

SharePoint online ensures the consistency of documents. It is a web-based platform hosted in Microsoft 365 cloud environment; there are no extra efforts to manage data. This feature benefits the company by not investing additional money in the installation of any hardware and software.   

Top 7 reasons to use SharePoint as a Document Management System - Evolvous

  • Easily accessible DMS

Documents are very easily accessed because it manages the metadata of documents which helps to search documents easily. It also ensures consistent business processes (workflows) on how documents are handled. Since SharePoint Online is cloud-based, users can access it easily from anywhere, anytime on any device. Users only need a web browser and internet connection. SharePoint is also excellent at providing access to all of the apps you require with a single sign-on. Instead of logging into many systems and software, SharePoint serves as your single sign-on.  

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  • High Security:

If there is any important data and you are sharing and managing it by email, then it is a high chance that you’re blasting your company with sensitive information. Information management through email is not only cumbersome and ineffective but also unsafe. For high security of any information, it’s better to leave documents behind a firewall, and employees can access it whenever they need it, instead of sending it through emails.

Still, if you’re managing by email, then there is a better way! SharePoint can help with version history. When a document is emailed back and forth in a business context, it can be difficult to tell which version is the most current. You can check out documents in SharePoint, have employees update them, and check them back in.  

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  • Microsoft Office Suite has seamlessly integrated:

SharePoint Online interacts smoothly with Microsoft business programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. SharePoint Online is also compatible with various online browsers, including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, allowing you to edit documents in your browser or on your desktop.  

Microsoft Office Suite has seamlessly integrated DMS - Evolvous

  • Easy team collaboration and automation:

It’s much easier to work on projects when your team’s papers are all in one location. SharePoint allows you to collaborate seamlessly and securely with team members within and outside your company, spanning PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. A SharePoint workflow is like an automated flowchart that removes most of the labor, uncertainty, and randomness from standard work procedures. SharePoint can guarantee that workers have the necessary permissions to access and update the document, taking the uncertainty out of the equation.  

Easy team collaboration and automation - Evolvous

  • Automatic Updating:

Your IT staff does not have to worry about manually deploying updates and fixes using SharePoint Online. When you buy a license, the tool will automatically update to the newest version, and new features are added as they become available.     

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Here are the Pros and Cons of DMS


  • External sharing in SharePoint online allows you to share documents, files, folders, lists, libraries, and whole sites; however, sharing sites in OneDrive is impossible.  
  • Your OneDrive sharing settings can’t be more liberal than your SharePoint sharing settings.  


  • External sharing in SharePoint and OneDrive increases the risk of personal data loss because any external user can view files without signing in.    

Why choose SharePoint as Document Management system?  

Every company should go for SharePoint Online for document management because it improves the performance of an employee by 20% and reduces the operational costs by 55%; this system digitalizes the document lifecycle from creation to archiving that’s why SharePoint is online should be the answer for every document management problem. Evolvous Limited can assist your business to grow by providing SharePoint consulting services in Migration and Integration, Data & Document Management, Intranet, Custom Development, Support & Health Check.

Conclusion: We have shared the top 7 reasons to use SharePoint as a Document Management System. SharePoint is a great tool to use as a document management system, and with these tips you can start using it today. If you have any questions on how this works or want more information on the topic, please feel free to contact us for assistance.


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