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Top Three Ways SharePoint Can Help You Reduce Email Clutter

We’ve all been there. Less than an hour into the work day and we are met with an inbox that contains 200+ emails. As you can see, SharePoint is a powerful, flexible tool that will help you organize your email and eliminate clutter. Immediately, we become overwhelmed by the thought of having to go through all of them.  Since its invention in 1971, email or electronic mail has made our lives easier, but employees are spending more time trying to get on top of their inboxes than productively collaborating. 

Too often, time is spent scouring to find emails containing important documents that get buried under the weight of email clutter. Searching through emails can turn into a full-scale investigation because your colleague labelled the file, “team project” and now, you have to sift through all the versions of “team project” just to find the right one. 

SharePoint, a search-driven platform that is used to create powerful sites, manage content, store documents, and encourage collaboration is an effective and customizable solution to circumvent email overload. Here are the top three ways SharePoint can help you conquer your emails:  

Search for anything at anytime from anywhere

Saving important files in your inbox stymies collaboration in two ways: Your inbox gets full because of space constraints and other people must rely on you to share those documents if they need it. SharePoint has powerful search capabilities whereby you can instantly find relevant results right away. Whether you’re searching by name or keyword, the platform is responsive and can be tailored to your company’s needs. Additionally, unlike traditional file sharing systems used for internal communication where you have to be on-site to access it, SharePoint allows safe, remote access to company files not just for your team, but for external persons as well.  

See the most updated versions of files

Collaborating with team members on the same file often looks like this: Draft_Ver.1, Draft_Ver.2, Draft_Ver.Ad.Infinitum which leads to clogged inboxes and confused collaborators. With SharePoint, there’s no need to create multiple versions of the same file thanks to version history. Your team only sees the last published version of the file you want them to see. The older versions are hidden and can still be accessed if needed. You save time and space by sharing only one updated file. 

Share content outside of email using SharePoint Intranet  

Business emails are often used to announce upcoming events, reports, educational content even kudos to fellow teammates. You can represent this information visually and dynamically with the SharePoint Intranet Homepage. The platform lets your team see everything they need at a glance in a user-friendly format. Customize it to include: announcements, calendars, lists, social media feeds and more, all in one place.  

Bonus: Use Microsoft Teams with SharePoint to talk in real-time 

Have you ever received a one sentence email that should have been a conversation? Instead of having ten emails asking yes or no questions, you can talk to your teammates using Microsoft Teams within SharePoint’s Intranet without ever adding clutter to your inbox. Win-win.


Conclusion: As you can see, SharePoint is a powerful, flexible tool that will help you organize your email and eliminate clutter. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you improve your email productivity with customized SharePoint Consulting Services today!

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