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Ideas for Evolution: Upgrading Data Analysis from Excel to Power BI 

Did you know that businesses spend about 40% of their time on data entry and analysis? So, if you are struggling with your archaic processes of using Microsoft Excel to make data entries and analyzing the data, then you are not alone! To make your processes adaptive to modern market demands and unlock better opportunities, you need to upgrade to a better solution. 

At Evolvous,  we help organizations evolve with purpose. By helping them embrace modern solutions to their challenges, we help them to improve productivity and unlock growth. Here is how we can help you transform your data entry and data analysis process by helping you upgrade from Excel to Power BI and Power Automate. 

A Typical Data Analysis Process Using Microsoft Excel 

Let us look at the typical process that is often used by different organizations to record data and analyze the data. 

STEP 1: A user manually enters the data into an Excel file which is stored on the cloud or on the local network of the organization. 

STEP 2: Once the data for a specific period (week, month, or quarter) is uploaded, the administrator for the file creates the required graph, pie-chart, columns etc., to visualize the consolidated data, identify trends and take strategic decisions. 

STEP 3: The file is then shared with the team, and the employees use the data in their presentations or for daily operations. 

Different organizations might have minor differences. But it is surprising to see that a considerable number of organizations are still using such archaic processes where there are innovative solutions available which can boost efficiency of the processes. 

The Challenges of Using Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis 

Using Microsoft Excel for data entry and data analysis might appear to be straightforward, but there are several challenges that cause major hurdles in your operations. Here are some of the major challenges that you might face when you are using Microsoft Excel for your data entry and data analysis: 

  • Time Consuming: Since the data entry process requires manual entry, it consumes a lot of time which could be spent on other productive tasks. 
  • Prone to errors: Human effort can often lead to errors. Even the smallest of errors can lead to issues with the data analysis. On top of that, you need to spend additional time identifying the erroneous data. 
  • Limited Analytical Abilities: Excel files can process millions of rows of entries. For large multinationals or rapidly growing organizations, this might prove to be inadequate. 
  • No real-time updates: Your MS Excel files can only get updated when someone makes an entry. To make quick decisions, you need a system that gives you real-time updates of the data as soon as it is generated. 
  • Lack of Collaboration: Excel files, even the ones that are stored on the cloud, offer limited collaboration. So, if different users/teams need to work on data analysis, then you need a better system. 
  • Limited Visualization Abilities: The data visualizations in Excel (graphs, charts etc.) are limited in scope and have little or no interactive abilities. 

These are some challenges you might face when using Microsoft Excel for data entry and analysis. You might be facing unique challenges of your own. Contact our team for a detailed analysis of your business requirements and find out why you need a better solution.  

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How Our Solutions Use Power Automate and Power BI for Better Analysis? 

Evolvous is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, and we help businesses to leverage advanced Microsoft technologies to improve productivity. To help you upgrade your data entry and analysis, we combine the abilities of Microsoft Power BI and Power Automate to automate the process and take your data analysis to the next level. 

What is Power BI? 

Power BI is a low-code business analytics tool from Microsoft. It enables users to visualize data and use the power of AI to analyze data and share real-time insights. You can create and share interactive dashboards and reports. 

Learn more about Power BI 

What is Power Automate? 

Microsoft Power Automate is a low-code process automation tool that allows you to automate critical processes, like extracting data from various sources and making automatic data entries. 

Learn more about Power Automate 

Overview of the Solution to Upgrade Your Data Analysis 

Here is how we at Evolvous can combine Power BI and Power Automate to automate and upgrade data analysis from MS Excel based processes 

Ideas for Evolution: Upgrading Data Analysis from Excel to Power BI - Evolvous

How Do We Use Power Automate for Automatic Data Entry 

Let us look at how we use Power Automate to make the process of data entry automatic. To do that, we first set up a Power Automate account and make all the basic configurations. Once the initial processes are completed, we will set up the following workflow to automatically collect and make data entries. 

STEP 1: Setting Up Triggers: We will set up the triggers that will initiate the process. For example, when a new email is received, a form is submitted, or a new record is added to the database, Power Automate will start the collection of data. 

STEP 2: Cleaning and Transforming the Data: If required, Power Automate can also be used to clean, format, and transform data based on the rules that you set. 

STEP 3: Making the Entries: Finally, the system will automatically enter the data into the required databases, spreadsheets, or other data destinations. 

Using Power BI for Deeper Data Analysis 

In the next phase of the process, we will integrate with Power BI for data analysis. Just like what we did with Power Automate, our team will complete the initial setup process. Here are the steps we will follow for deeper data analysis. 

STEP 1: Connecting to the Data: We will establish a secure connection between Power BI and the data repository, which contains the data you want to analyze. 

STEP 2: Setting Up Reports and Dashboards: Our team will create reports and dashboards using the Power BI desktop application. Once the reports are created, the data will be automatically loaded into the reports, by integrating with Power Automate.  

You will be able to share the dashboard and reports using Power BI Service, allowing your team members to collaborate in real-time. 

STEP 3: Set up Data Refresh: At this stage, we will set the refresh intervals for the data for Power BI. This ensures the data you analyze is always up to date. 

STEP 4: Advanced Analytics: To ensure advanced analytics, we will set up custom data models and DAX formulas. We can also leverage the AI and machine learning features of Power BI to get an in-depth analysis. 

The Benefits of Using Power Automate and Power BI for Data Analysis 

By deploying the combination of Power Automate and Power BI for data analysis, you can solve several challenges you face by using MS Excel: 

  • Save Time & Costs: By automating the process of data entry, you can free up time and resources. At the same time, you will save on operational costs.  
  • Minimize errors: Since you will be eliminating human effort, you will be able to significantly reduce the errors in data entry, enhancing accuracy in your analysis. 
  • More Advanced Analytical Abilities: With Power BI, you can process and analyze significantly larger data sets. The advanced analytical abilities of Power BI give you a competitive edge.  
  • Real-time Data Analysis: Automatic data refresh ensures that the data that you analyze is always up to date. This empowers you to make the right decisions at the right time. 
  • Improved Collaboration: Power BI allows different teams and users to collaborate on reports and dashboards, allowing them to get the desired insights they need. 
  • Limited Visualization Abilities: The data visualizations in Power BI are highly interactive with a range of different filters, that makes them more valuable to your organization. 

Upgrade Your Business Processes with Evolvous 

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