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Why your company needs an LMS?

We live in a world that is constantly changing and to keep pace with the ever-changing world we all need to adapt. Adaptions come from learning new things and also with gradual training as well as development. Our organizations are no different. Every organization has to take into consideration the learning, training and development aspect be it for your existing employees or new hires. Many organizations opt for online corporate training for employee development which is a more flexible way to train the workforce. Even from an employee’s perspective, training using any digital device, at any time and any place are more convenient. That is when LMS (learning management system) comes into effect.

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What is an LMS?

LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that provides the framework to help users create, administer, manage, and analyze eLearning courses and training. It is a centralized location for storing all your information and learning resources.

An LMS is designed to keep your training content organized in one place. It also enables you to create and update your courses with much greater ease, and also monitor the impact on employees. 

If you are considering eLearning options, or have decided to deploy online training, or want to deliver standardized and consistent training across multiple locations/departments then probably you are wondering “do I need a Learning Management System?”

Here are 4 signs that indicate your company needs an LMS.

  1. Need for consistency in training: Sending your employees videos and PowerPoint presentations, having impromptu training seminars, random online courses which you thought your employees might join indicates that you need an LMS. With an LMS you get a single source for all your content, course materials and instructions.
  2. Need to track training: When there is no formal training process in place, it is always difficult to track whether your employees understand everything or not, or tracking the right level of difficulty. With an LMS you can easily generate training reports, easily track the goal progress of the learner, knowledge gains and ROI. LMS reporting tools give you insights into attendance, engagement, and completion rates. giving you a clear picture of what you can improve in your training process and materials.
  3. Need to meet regulatory compliance: If your organization belongs to an industry that is governed by strict regulations and procedures, like healthcare, manufacturing or energy you need to ensure compliance and perfect training standardization. Having an LMS can help you satisfy these legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, you can use this as proof that your company is following all industry regulations.
  4. Need to train a remote or mobile workforce: Currently half of the workforce is working from a remote location and there is a significant rise in the number of remote hires. Scheduling on-site training amidst COVID19 will be inconvenient. With an LMS, all training courses are available to every employee and the learning material is also the same.

With an LMS, training can be created, checked, and tested for effectiveness and accuracy. This increases the impact of the training provided by almost 60%! Choosing the right LMS and at the right time for your business can result in improved employee retention, increased productivity, lowered training costs and better compliance.

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