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Companies all over the world are being forced by the COVID-19 pandemic to change how they typically approach new challenges. Prior to the spread of COVID-19, most employees only occasionally worked remotely. However, because of the disease, traditional office life has disappeared, and remote work has temporarily replaced it. The current situation demonstrates that while other businesses continue to face significant obstacles, those who had previously recognized the benefits of (Digital workplace) digital working for themselves were able to resume operations quickly. 

The significance of digital work and communication processes in implementing remote work is a crucial factor. However, more than just providing the necessary IT infrastructure is needed to make successful digital work and collaboration possible. To produce the same exceptional results as before, managers, teams, and employees must be given the tools to collaborate effectively and productively—even when they are physically separated.  

Evolvous is one of the top consulting firms in digital workplace strategy.

We’ve had success collaborating with large, complex businesses to create a roadmap for developing their digital workplace.  

Main Elements of Productive Digital Workplace - Evolvous

As a Digital Workplace consultant, we collaborate with you to fully comprehend your business before examining how technology might be used strategically to support your initiatives. To build a measured, agile framework that produces results, we combine all the pieces, including change management, productivity, adoption, training, design and UX, worker styles, and company device policies.  

Top 5 Digital Workplace Trends in 2024

  • 1st Digital Workplace Trends – Cloud methods:

The foundation of any contemporary digital workplace, cloud computing solutions give businesses increased flexibility, accessibility, and scalability, among many other advantages. Employees experiences who work remotely require virtualized IT infrastructure and cloud-based applications because these tools enable them to access pertinent business data and collaborate with colleagues, enabling them to be productive from any location.

Cloud services will be even more crucial in a digital environment as businesses try to enhance collaboration, add new applications to their technology stack, and securely store data. With the shift to remote working, cloud technologies become even more crucial as employees focus on achieving a work-life balance.  

  • 2nd Digital Workplace Trends – Tools for Communication and Collaboration:

Common platforms for communication and collaboration include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and SharePoint for document collaboration and file sharing, as well as video and teleconferencing functionality. While these are some of the most popular tools for businesses today, business leaders should also consider smart workspaces, which have recently received some attention in the market.

High-performance collaboration platforms called “smart workspaces” connect teams so they can work together anytime, anywhere. Examples of smart workplace solutions include Drobox, Google Workspace, Amazon Workspaces, and Microsoft Modern Workplace. Windows 10 and the Microsoft 365 platform can serve as the framework for a company’s modern workplace initiative.  

  • 3rd Digital Workplace Trends – Workplace flexibility:

It is a crucial trend to look at in the post-COVID-19 world. The modern workforce wants flexible hours and working conditions. Companies that comply frequently experience higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Some businesses go even further than this by providing support services and paid real time off for mental health days. To remain competitive, many businesses will at the very least, find themselves providing hybrid work schedules for their employees.  

  • 4th Digital Workplace Trends – Bring-your-own-device (BYOD):

These policies allow company employees to use their own devices for tasks related to their jobs. BYOD, also known as bringing your device, is a digital workplace trend that should unquestionably be incorporated into every organization’s IT strategy.

BYOD also increases flexibility and drive productivity by enabling workers to continue working from their actual workspace, their homes, and even while on the go. A clear BYOD policy that outlines the risks and advantages of BYOD for your company is crucial. Remember that mobile device management software or multifactor authentication is also recommended to increase security on personally owned devices.  

  • 5th Digital Workplace Trends – Cyber Security:

A strong digital workplace strategy must include cyber security as a key element. That is not surprising, given that 95% of all data breaches are caused by human error, which is a major contributing factor. Given this, it is more crucial than ever for companies to train their users in security awareness.

Among the many advantages of doing this are the decrease in threats, rise in uptime, assurance of compliance, and others. When it comes to preventing cyberattacks and other security threats, the adage that employees serve as a company’s first line of defence could not be more accurate. By implementing a security awareness training programme, you can reduce risk to your company and empower your employees to make wiser decisions.  

What is Digital Workplace Software?  

A digital workspace is an app or group of apps that takes the resources an individual needs to perform their job and makes them digitally accessible to boost employee engagement and productivity.  

Digital workplace consulting Services - Evolvous

Top 5 Features of Digital Workplace Software-  

  • No-stress integration:

CRM systems and other crucial software can be integrated using API technology; no coding is necessary. Office 365 Digital workplace software cannot satisfy all of a company’s needs, such as customer relationship management. The integration connects carefully chosen software to achieve higher productivity, not just sticking a bunch of tech tools together. To reduce subscription costs and toggle time, single-function systems should be moved into the digital workspace.

Accounting software, for example, connects to a digital workspace to streamline reporting and data transfer processes. Get a flexible solution that can be tailored to your business needs with Microsoft Dynamics 365. To meet the demands of a particular line of business, pick a stand-alone application or combine several CRM tools into a potent integrated solution.  

  • No-code project management and workflow:

With a no-code, user-friendly solution, employees can quickly create simple or complex workflows and get to work. Teams have visual ways to solve problems without waiting for an IT department to write a new programme because of the features like drag-and-drop forms and Kanban boards.

Digital workplace technology that provides self-service options for administrative and HR-related tasks could increase productivity and efficiency. You can empower your teams to quickly and easily create low-code apps that modernize processes, address complex business problems, and increase your organization’s agility with Microsoft Power Apps. You can quickly create the apps your company requires by choosing a low-code development platform.  

  • Instant self-service with pre-built apps:

Creating workflow processes can be intimidating for some employees, even in a visual application. They might be unsure what details to include on a form or the precise steps necessary to complete a simple process. Smaller companies or startups may simply lack time to develop a workflow. Companies determined to automate workflow and adopt a digital workplace service can save time, future ready, cost saving using pre-built apps.

No matter the kind of business, similar steps are followed for procedures like budget approvals, purchase orders, and employee onboarding. Workers can install a ready-made app and make changes as needed to get started. To reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency, businesses use Power Apps 

  • Smart reporting:

To monitor and enhance process efficiency, a truly digital workplace offers a range of reporting options. Meet the needs of your business, look for digital workplace software with ageing metrics, pivot tables, or custom reports. It can be challenging to pinpoint process issues, but thorough audit logs archive every action to save time and boost accountability as managers direct and adjust workflow.

An organization’s data is searched for insights using Microsoft Power BI. Power BI can assist in fusing separate data sets together, transforming and cleaning the data into a data model, and producing charts or graphs to show the data visually. Other Power BI users within the company can access and use all of this information.  

  • Unlimited portability:

You must be able to take your work with you wherever you go to collaborate with remote teams worldwide. Software for the digital workplace that is cloud-based greatly expands your access to talent globally while also giving your employees more flexibility. By filling in work gaps or adding more human resources during growth periods, part-time and gig workers play crucial roles in an organization.

Another requirement for today’s mobile culture is a mobile app for the digital workplace. Processes lag when internal management presence is required to make decisions. Workflow can be accelerated with a single tap on a mobile screen, wowing clients and suppliers with quick response times.  

Digital Transformation services - Evolvous

Digital workplace experience.  

Organizations can streamline and simplify the interactions between the workforce and the company by utilizing technology and establishing cross-functional, enterprise-level governance. This will increase employee engagement and productivity in front and back offices.  

As a result of the variety of back-end technologies used by organizations, workers frequently have to go through multiple systems to access different types of information. Technologies that build a “unified engagement platform,” a user experience layer that can span across systems to provide a seamless digital experience, can help solve this problem.

It can also include enterprise-grade workflow tools to streamline service delivery and increase service delivery efficiency across the enterprise. By incorporating cutting-edge automation and collaboration technologies into their unified experience platforms, trailblazing businesses are also taking a larger technological perspective into account.  

People are more likely to have a positive overall digital workplace experience—one that can boost organizational loyalty, engagement, and productivity—when they use technology at work that suits them. Modern workers’ private use of sophisticated digital experiences has raised the bar for businesses to meet, but the potential business benefits may be well worth the effort.  

How Evolvous can help you with Digital Workplace Consulting Services?  

We assist our clients in developing and implementing a modern, secure digital workplace transformation strategy that provides the tools, services, and solutions needed to enable their employees to work collaboratively, productively and to produce better business results virtually whenever, from anywhere, and through a variety of devices and channels.

Evolvous Microsoft Gold partner - Evolvous

Our Digital Workplace services offer accelerated adoption, change, implementation, and migration services for your hybrid workplace to quickly deploy complex, large-scale workplace technologies. To enable an inclusive workplace culture, improve employee and customer experiences, and improve business outcomes, our expertise spans the employee digital experience, including device management, IT support, workplace virtualization, and the full power and capabilities of Microsoft 365. For digital workplace consulting services, get in touch with us.


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