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Building Multilingual apps in Power Apps


If you want to make your app more accessible to users and available in multiple languages, then here is the solution. Building multilingual apps in PowerApps

Required Components: 

  1. Excel: To maintain the multi-language data.
  2. Power Apps: To be accessible to users in multiple languages. 



Create an excel file with headers like “Key, Language1, Language2 …” then add data (data according to languages) and convert that into a table like below. “Key” is an important factor to identify which data refers to what kind of information.

Building multilingual apps in Power Apps - Evolvous

Power Apps: 

Import multilingual excel data into PowerApps by using the “Import from Excel” connection like below.

Power Apps - Evolvous

Add one dropdown control to select the language like below.

Select a label then add a condition to get data from imported multilingual excel based on selected language form dropdown like below.

Here is the code example:
If(Dpdwnlang.Selected.Value = “English”, LookUp(OverView, Key = “OVT1F2”, English),LookUp(OverView, Key = “OVT1F2”, German))

  1. Dpdwnlang is a Dropdown name.
  2. OverView is the table name of the imported Excel file. 

Written by Anusha Tottadi.

Anusha is Microsoft 365 Developer at Evolvous Limited – specialists in Microsoft Technologies.


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