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Microsoft’s recent announcements unveiled new features and capabilities!

For over last 2-3 months the entire world is focused on new ways to adapt to the new normal which is ‘Working Remotely’. As CEO Satya Nadella put it recently, “We’ve seen two years’ of digital transformation in two months.” Microsoft has announced new features and capabilities in Microsoft Teams, Fluid Framework, Project Cortex, Outlook and Edge and introduced the new Microsoft Lists app.  

Let’s have a look at them.

Microsoft Teams: 

It has got everything you need, and with everything, it means ‘everything’. It’s the only app which allows you to access all your files, documents, dashboards, calls, meetings, conversations, and third-party apps all in one place allowing you to work constructively. 

  • Create teams with customized templates: Forget the hassle of creating a team and then adding different channels to it. Soon you will be able to select and create new Teams from templates which are from common business scenarios. Each template comes with pre-defined channels, apps, and guidance. These templates in Teams will roll out in the next few months and appear automatically. 
  • Create and manage Chat-bots: Now add chat-bot from Power Virtual Agents to Teams with just one click, making it super quick and easy. It is also supporting single sign-on (SSO), so users will no longer have to re-authenticate when using Teams for the first time, making the use of chat-bot in Teams a seamless experience. 
  • Share Power BI reports directly to Teams: Simplified “Send to Teams” feature allows you to quickly select the team and channel you want to share the report or specific charts in reports directly from Power BI. To get started, just select >Send to Teams< from the Power BI portal and type in the team name you’d like to share with. 
  • Add custom apps and automated workflows to Teams: Developers and admins will soon be able to add their custom applications from Power Apps to Teams with a single click of the Add to Teams button and streamline workflows with Power Automate business process templates. These new Power Automate triggers and actions unlock custom message extensions and allow for automated @mentioning, message posting to channels and a customized bot experience. 

Fluid Framework:

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced the public preview of Microsoft Fluid Framework which has been designed to make collaboration seamless. 

  • Collaborate with Fluid components in Outlook and In next few months Fluid Framework will empower you to insert Tables, charts, and task lists easily to your emails and chats. The best part – because Fluid Components stay updated no matter where they are hosted across Office apps, the information stays updated and relevant. 
  • Apps collaborate in Real-Time: The web-based framework of Fluid can be used to instantly make your more apps collaborative in real-time by replacing your static data structures with Fluid data structures.  
  • Empowering Developers: Microsoft will be making the Fluid Framework open source, allowing developers and creators to use the key infrastructure from Fluid Framework in their own applications. 

Project Cortex:

Last year, at Ignite Microsoft introduced Project Cortex and announced to make it publicly available by summer 2020. Cortex will apply Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Graph creating a knowledge network connecting the content to Microsoft 365. 


Microsoft has added a new feature of saving Keystrokes which means Outlook can help you compose faster, avoid typos, and craft email messages with text predictions. If you are using Yammer, now it will be easy to reply to Yammer conversations, polls, questions, and praise – all without leaving your inbox.  

Microsoft Edge:

Recently Microsoft has announced new features and capabilities allowing customization options and improved tools for developers like new options for .NET and UWP (WinUI 3.0) development, and a 3D View in DevTools. 

 Microsoft Lists:

Now create, share, and track data and information straight from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint 

Microsoft is constantly responding to the current needs of life under the pandemic, and that makes these announcements even more relevant and compelling. If this blog resonates with you and intrigues your interest level, then sign up with us here:

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